toned, young and fresh looking skin


toned, young and fresh looking skin

What is it?

Biorevitalization is an injection procedure to be performed with the help of remedies, which are based contain hyaluronic acid with vitamins.  Hyaluronic acid is natural and found in our skin cells. This acid stimulates the skin cells, triggering the natural process of collagen production, regeneration and rejuvenation.

What areas are treated?

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete 
  • Eyelids
  • Hands

Is it invasive?

Biorevitalization is offered via injection.  

Is it for me?

  • Delaying the skin ageing process
  • Results are visible after the first treatment
  • Offers long terms effects
  • Restrictions apply – enquire for details

Treatment course

This does depend on various factors such as your skin characteristics, age and such.  It would also vary depending on which area you are focusing on.

Treatments would tend to be between 3 – 5 sessions with breaks in between to start with.  From here we would expect to offer you one session every six months.

Treatments last around 1 hour.


From £50.00 per treatment.


*Individual results vary.