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This cancellation policy is in addition to and parallel with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


All appointments must be pre-booked via phone or visit to the salon. By agreeing to an appointment you are agreeing to the Deposit and Cancellation details below.


A £20 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be taken when booking appointments. NO bookings will be made or confirmed until a deposit payment has been made. Your deposit will be deducted from the cost of any treatments. See cancellation for how your deposit may be affected. Please speak to us about accepted forms of payment to settle your deposit.


48 hour notice is required for ALL cancellations or rescheduled appointments. Failure to give a minimum of 48 hours or what we deem to be insufficent notice will result in your deposit being retained. Texts or calls are the preferred ways to cancel. Messages through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email or by other means will not guarantee cancellation and may affect your deposit if you do use these forms.

Top-up appointments

Top-up appointments, in most cases, are included in the initial price paid. You will be informed if this is not the case.

Should you require a top-up appointment and you have not been booked in already, you will have up to 10-days after the initial treatment to contact us, so that we can follow protocol and top up within 2 weeks.

If you fail to book an appointment within the 2-week time frame, you will lose your Free Top-Up appointment and you will be charged for it.

Not attending your Top-up appointment also means that you will lose the Free top-up and have to pay for it.

Top-up rescheduling cannot be made less than 48 hours before the appointment, that also depends if we can fit you in to the 2-week scale. If we cannot then you will lose the Free Top-up and have to pay for the appointment.


Payments can be made in person at the salon, via paypal or via bank transfer. The details are shown below:


Diana Aesthetics, 3 The Parade, Cokeham Road, Sompting, BN15 0AH, UK


Bank Transfer:

Account: 14705960 || Sort-code: 30 – 99 – 93

Diana Aesthetics details

  • Diana Aesthetics is a company in England and trading in Sompting; address and details on contact us page and it operates the Website

You can contact Diana Aesthetics by email on or via the phone on (07903) 261246

Updated: 21st February 2020